I am interested in bringing the dharma, Buddhist teachings and practices, to a wider audience via online teaching. It can be really helpful that the teachings can arrive home to where the audience actually live.


The next online classroom (webinar), the third in a series for those already familiar with Buddhist teachings, will be in March 2019 on the subject:  Finding Myself, Losing Myself, Gaining the World.

It will be available through I am now working on preparing online courses which will be available constantly, which will be published here in due course. 




The Journey to Awakening and some Milestones on the Way


Brief outline: A collection of 14 talks based on a course in Tel Aviv and the Dharma Facilitators Program (DFP), which address the issue of how the journey to awakening can unfold. In Buddhist practice there is both a path with clear instructions and directions, and also pathlessness with mystery, paradox and shifts that seem to happen by themselves. Issues covered include the role of longing and aspiration, memory and forgetting, taking refuge as practice, milestones, signs and indications  of awakening, the fears and confusions about freedom, and being  in the middle of the Middle Way. 



Dependent Arising, Conditioning and the Unconditioned: Getting off the Wheel.


Brief outline: This series of 10 talks, given as part of a few courses to more experienced Buddhist practitioners, explores the processes by which we construct what seems to be our reality, samsara, why and how suffering happens, and the processes of attachment and liberation. Topics include the price we pay for illusion, conditioning and conditionality, how we construct ourselves and the world, habits, tendencies and patterns, mind body and consciousness, the nature of clinging, becoming somebody, birth, death and the deathless.



The Eightfold Path: Spiritual Practice in Daily Life


Brief outline: This series of 11 talks explores the way that Buddhist practice and insight not only  involves mindfulness, meditation and calm awareness, but includes  all ordinary daily activities.  We need to purify and fill our thought, speech, action and livelihood with presence and wisdom. There are talks on wise intention, on minding our speech, on opening the wisdom eye, on modulating our energies and motivations, on the nature of action, on mindfulness of mental content, on livelihood, and on calmness in the eye of the storm.


The Nature of Experience: The Five Aggregates and Awareness

Brief outline: A series of 8 talks based on a course for  experienced dharma practitioners. The talks explore  how  experiences are built from a number of components, the ’aggregates’. This is both  a basis of Buddhist psychology and spiritual practice. In the talks we investigate mind-body, perception, emotion, feelings, mental structures, and consciousness, and how each can be worked with as the raw material for  deep transformation.

Audio Courses - (links will update soon) 

The audio courses here are only in English. There are many in Hebrew which are available in the Hebrew site, by pressing the Hebrew icon.



The Paramis. 10 Refined Qualities by Which We Navigate Across the Stormy Sea. 


Brief outline: This series of 12 talks explores What are the qualities and potentials which we develop as a result of our spiritual practice? And how do they shift our personality? How can we discover the dormant Boddhisattva within us? The ancient teachings on the paramis are extremely helpful in mapping the effect of dharma practice and teachings on our psychological make-up. In this course we will explore together how we are changed by dharma practice in ways we may not have noticed. We will investigate each of the paramis as expressions of a our deepest freedom as well as explore together how they allow us to respond wisely to ordinary daily life experiences.



The Psychology of Awakening      


Brief outline: This series of 13 talks. We usually think of the goal of psychology as  a healthy balanced mind that copes well  with the challenges of life. However psychology in Buddhist practice goes much further and is the ground and means to liberation, or total awakening. Inner harmony and joy of life are good bases, but the journey is beyond. Beyond  close relationships is intimacy with all. Beyond  coping with life is dancing with life. Beyond  the ordinary  is the magical. Beyond ourselves is the whole of existence. Beyond Samsara is Nibbana. This course will explore how to radically free our mind and heart during daily life.  Issues will include attachments, emotions,  presence, ethics, stress, spiritual maturity,  passion, creativity, relationships, identity, forgiveness, spiritual bypass, memory, compassion and unconditional friendliness