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My new book is out in Hebrew!

It is published in Hebrew by Pardes with the title אבן בינה and I am still looking for a publisher for the English edition. It is a semi-autobiographical story, offering intimate glimpses into a personal journey through states of realization. The book describes the daunting undertaking to construct a house, as if a temple, by hand, rock by rock. The peaks and troughs of  success and failure, of hope, despair, confusion and realization gradually transform my state of mind and heart. On the way there are risks and dangers, including a devastating fire. But aided by a wild friend in the role of both jester and Zen master,  the building is constructed and the builder deconstructed. , giving space to primal freedom. The setting is a nascent visionary and experimental ecological community living off-grid in the Galilee in the 1980’s where I still live today. This is a story of one man discovering what is possible. It shows that we have capacities way beyond what we can imagine. It tells us that we can listen to the voices of the animals and the land  and shows how kindness, meaning and integrity make sense, and can work.


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