Dharma articles

Articles and writings that shine a light on a wide variety of themes and issues within Buddhist teachings and spiritual practice in the context of daily life.

Herbal Articles

A collection of articles that were written over many years of Stephen'professional life as an expert on herbs and complementary medicine


Here you can choose from  hundreds of my audio talks in English. There are also a large number of Hebrew talks which can be accessed by clicking on the Hebrew icon. The talks cover a wide range of topics and teachings on  Buddhist-inspired wisdom and the path to liberation with an emphasis on relevance to our daily life and practice. There are talks suitable for beginners and advanced practitioners and they are classified (tagged) by topics and also grouped in folders according to specific courses.


A small selection of video dharma talks given by Stephen. Can be watched online or downloaded

A variety of step by step guided meditations and meditative journeys, both for beginners and more experienced practitioners.

Bublished Books

Previously published books on herbal and complementary medicine themes. Some of them are offered freely here to download, and the rest are shown as pictures of their covers and can be ordered through the internet.

In addition to 3 books that are free to download.

A careful selection of important and inspiring articles and texts by leading teachers, on the dharma and on authentic  wisdom

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