Recommended Sites for Courses and Teachings in Israel (The Main Gateway to Dharma in Israel) (Very rich site for materials in English and Hebrew) (Psychodharma Buddhist courses) (Center in Clil for retreats and personal retreats) (Buddhist Center in Tel Aviv) (Dharma Friends Oganisation. Tibetan Tradition)



Recommended Centres for Retreats (the major UK retreat center for the Vipassana/ insight meditation community) (Insight Meditation Society the most important US meditation retreat center) (Large meditation center in Myanmar, teaches concentration practice) (large residential dharma village complex  set up  by Thich Nhat Hanh) (Meditation Centers in Burma) (Amaravati Monastery UK. Excellent dharma books ) (Chithurst Monastery UK)



Recommended Sites of Israeli Teachers (Eran Harpaz website) (Lila Kimhi website) (Sandhya website)



Recommended Sites of International Sages and Teachers (Jack kornfield's website) (Christopher Titmuss's website) (keith dowman's Dzogchen website) (Shaila Catherine's website)


www.metta.og (Gregory Kramer’s site) (stephen batchelor's website) (Leigh Brasington’s site) (Nisargadatta Maharaj, author of I Am That) (Tsoknyi Rinpoche site) (Sayadaw Utejania, one of the best current Burmese teachers)



Recommended Sites for Inspiration, Transformation and Knowledge (Leading site for engaged dharma activities in India and Israel) (Review of advaita resources and writings) (Site of Mooji, well known neo-advaita teacher) (Lama Surya Das organisation) (Gateway, portal, to Buddhist resources and centers worldwide) (Buddhist Peace Fellowship) (Stephen’s friend, Robet Beer, Tibetan iconography) (site of Peter Fenner's Nondual courses and materials) (Jaya Ashmore's website) (Krishnamurti writings, schools, organisations and resources)



Recommended Sites for Buddhist Literature and Sources (Buddhist magazine, now ceased, but good articles on the web) (Main website for Suttas and traditional texts)  (Huge database of Buddhist materials and resources) (A Buddhist community website) (Huge audio and video library) (Main Buddhist publisher) (Newspaper and site of the US Vipassana/ Theravada community) (Mindulness research sources)


Reliable and recommended links providing extensive written resources on the dharma, including access to suttas and traditional texts, as well as recommended teachers, places to practice and go on retreat, and sources of guidance and further teaching.