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A Reflection on The Divine

To realize the Divine, we need to die to the ordinary world of concepts, the consensus reality, the known, the world of thought, the world of identification and analysis, the ordinary world that we know and construct through our consciousness. ‘Die Now Into the Now’ says Nisargadatta Maharaj. ‘No man can know me and live’ God says in the Bible. The High Priest in the Jewish Temple was at risk of dying when he went into the Empty Room. He had to undergo intense purification and internal preparation to come out ‘alive’. Actually in that place we are more alive than ever. It is a place of pure being. But Being is also the nature of the ultimate. In the silence of no concept and no belief, in the quiet of pure presence, God finds us. In that place the word God and the word Truth are interchangeable. It’s scary. We are afraid to let go of the known. Few are ready to jump into that abyss but if we are, and when we can let go, we may then realise the movement is not like jumping but more like falling, and as much falling out of, as in to, and the abyss turns out to be the Garden of Eden. This launch into space is not entirely in our hands. But we can prepare the ground. And be entirely available to hear the call from beyond.

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