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She Who Dwells Within - Poem

Stephen Fulder

Shechina, the Jewish Goddess

Her name means ‘Presence’,

‘She Who Dwells Within’

Why do people say:

“She left when the Temple was destroyed”

She is only absent

When we are absent

Which is most of the time.

She is homeless

When we are not at home.

She is left outside

When we shut ourselves inside

Our ghettos and villas.

She cannot return to Jerusalem

As long as we kill to possess it.

But when we welcome the world

In an unconditional embrace

Suddenly she is there

And here and everywhere,

And when we surrender

To this perfect moment

Of appreciation and attention

Then she unfolds herself

In front of our eyes

And we truly know

She never left

But was too close

For us to notice.

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