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The Secret that Glows in the Dark - Poem

I want to share a secret,

About the gentle radiance

Of those last years

So clear, so soft, so good,

That even the doctors

And the visitors who come and go,

Stop to take a breath

And will never forget you.

You are not ill

Illness is our label

Inscribed by our fears.

You know no illness nor wellness

Just there-ness.

No fear of death

No anxieties of what the future may bring,

Or may not bring.

No pain, no blame,

No loss, no regret

No anger at those who abandoned you

No time, no purpose

But the gentle kiss of life itself

The grace that comes when all else goes.

To what do you listen to, so intently?

Is it the music of your heartbeat,

Tapping celestial rhythms

On the gates of your soul?

Or is it the humming of bees

On that summer’s day?

Or the barking of your dogs,

That only you can quiet,

Or your fingers in their thick fur?

Or dreams of play and play of dreams

The kaleidoscope of past in present

Uninterrupted by our harsh reality.

As I lie next to you,

And feel this life flow through

And watch your face,

No frown, no wrinkles,

Just open presence,

Then, like the moon that shines between passing clouds,

Beams a joyous smile,

That vanishes so fast,

That I do not know if I really saw it

And now, again, you teach me,

About a life without fear, without walls, without end,

Just as you did when I was born

And, like then, share your happiest years.

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